Thinking of a Fitted Wardrobe? Here is Our Guide

Fitted-WardrobeThere are quite a number of wardrobe designs and choices when it comes to choosing closet space for your bedroom. One of the options available are fitted wardrobes. When it comes to fitted wardrobes, there are quite a number of factors to consider when choosing and selecting a fitted wardrobe for your room.

Here is our fitted wardrobe guide;

  1. Type – There are different types of fitted wardrobes. You have an option of having the wardrobe fitted floor to ceiling wardrobes or wall to wall. When it comes to a floor to ceiling design, it is great for rooms with more height than depth. It is also ideal for smaller rooms and it allows more space for other personal items. Wall to wall fitted wardrobes are great if one has a lot of clothes and items to store. It is ideal for bigger rooms without making the room feel small or crowded.
  2. Style – One of the factors to consider when it comes to fitted wardrobes is the style of the wardrobes. What design appeals to you, what material would you want? One has the choice of either natural or synthetic material and what effect does the wardrobe design have on the room? Does it make the room feel cosier, neat and symmetrical?  All these should be factored in when it comes to wardrobe design.
  3. Space – It is important to factor in the space available for wardrobes before designing and choosing a fitted wardrobes London. The space available will help determine size, style and design. Functionality of the wardrobe is important as well, a space where you can put all your items comfortably yet is aesthetically pleasing is vital for peace of mind and practical application.
  4. Fittings and finishing – It is important to keep in mind what fixtures and fittings you would like on your fitted wardrobe. Lighting is one important element because you would want to ensure your wardrobe is well lit to allow easy visibility both day and night. Wardrobes tend to shut out light so factor in the most ideal lighting option which will ensure your wardrobe is well lit, irrespective of the time of day. Mirrors are also important fittings on wardrobes because they have a lot more room in which one can place the mirror which gives a great top to  floor view.


Keep these tips in mind when you are thinking of choosing fitted wardrobes for all your home needs and requirements.