The Door and Window Lock Guide

ITCC-LocksmithSummer is that time of the year when most home owners love to leave their windows and doors open for a little longer, just to allow in more cool and fresh air. Well, while this is always a nice idea, it’s a serious security risk! The moment you doze off or sleep at night with a n open window, then you’ve already compromised your safety. Besides, don’t forget the accidental falls that may happen in case you have little children.  That aside your door and window locks should always be sturdy and robust in order to deter even the most determined home intruders.

  • When it comes to door and window locks, the first thing you’ll need to decide is just what you want to achieve. Some locks are meant for securing high risk installations like banks, safes, etc. This may or not be ideal for your home depending on the security needs of your premises. However, there are equally reliable locks that are meant for home use. Check in locksmith croydon
  • Secondly, decide on the ideal design of the lock, in terms of the technology they use. Nowadays, most apartments are shunning the traditional lock and key technology in favour of smart technology. No property owner wants to install a new lock each time a tenant moves out; it damages the wood and leaves unsightly marks over time. Thus, smart locks that rely on a smart card to recognize the home owner can be ideal for apartments. Others rely on your thumb signature to identify the homeowner.
  • Always insist on original and genuine brands when buying locks for your doors and windows. The markets are full of cheap and fake products that will get damaged even before an intruder has come calling. It’s always better to spend a little more on a reputable brand, rather than opt for a cheap pick that will let you down terribly when you need it to guard you. Assa Abloy, Yale, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Corbin Russwin; these are just some of the most respected brands in the market. There are many more depending on whether you’re looking for electronic door locks, or the traditional deadbolt locks a good locksmith London can help yours. ITCC Locksmiths are great in that case.

In a nutshell, the safety requirements of your property often determine the kind of door and window locks to go for.

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