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The F-14 is a universal radio system in tray-type design of the successful and proven F-series and features 5 option wells for expansion to suit individual needs. The transmitter can be expanded to 16 functions (8 channels) by adding optional switched and proportional channels, and a range of optional modules can be fitted such as Multi-Switch, Multi-Prop, Dual-Rates and Mini Options to meet the requirements of the more demanding user.

Full Set also available with Nicads and 3 servos at £199.99 incl. VAT(select version below).

Robbe F14 Navy – 40 Mhz Expandable Radio
The same system as the F-14, but with the refined Navy Twin-Stick unit in place of one standard stick unit. The parallel dual control system includes fine trims on each channel, making the transmitter ideal for the model boat enthusiast.

Further features:
Servo reverse and programmable sequence of control functions.
Large battery compartment for batteries up to 2000 mAh = over 10 hours operational time.
Single-point attachment lug for neckstrap; transmitter can also be used in a tray.

Dimensions: 230 x 200 x 50 mm
Weight: 600 g
Frequency band: 40.00
Channel spacing: 10 kHz
Spotfrequencies: 22.00
Transmision system: FM
Functions: 8 / 4 Servos
Function expansion: 8 / 4 Servos
Power supply: 9.6 V NC-Battery
Power consumption: 40 / 200 mA
w./o. RF circuit

Special functions: Channel expansions via Multi-Module, Mini Option, Dual Rate.

Kit contents:
1 Transmitter F-14 Navy
1 Receiver R-118 F
1 Servo S 148
1 Servo accessory bag
1 Switch harness with charge socket
1 Transmitter battery box
1 Receiver battery box
1 Pair of crystals

Price:   £179.99 Including VAT at 17.5%

Robbe F14 Navy - 40 Mhz Expandable Radio


Robbe FC-16 - 40 Mhz Expandable Computer Radio set Robbe FC-16 – 40 Mhz Expandable Computer Radio set
The expandable Computer RC-System
With the possibility of unlimited storage by means of the CAMPac system the FC-16 is the optimum equipment for the modeller with extreme demands for function variability.

All model adjustements can easily be changed directly in the LCD multi-segment display by means of a 6-fold computer key-board.

The Essential Features are:
Expandable via Multi-Modules to 6 + 32 channels = 76 functions
Powerful software for all areas such as boats, and cars
Real Trim-Memory-System
Unlimited memory expansion, over 100 models per CAMPac-Module.
Optional FM or PCM modulation
Stopwatch function optionally controlled by stick or mixer switch. Pre-set time can be stored per model.
Ergonomic design of transmitter case allows control via thumb also when using a tray.
Optional helical aerial
Contrasty digital screnn shows all information clearly legible.
Trainer-Module 4 for Teacher-Pupil operation can be installed in front option well

Model selection
2 internal Model memories expandable to up to 102
Model memory copy
Low battery alarm
Servo reverse
Trim memory
ATV (servo travel adjustment)
Exponential function
2 free program mixer
Fail safe function
Sub-Trim (servo center adjustment)
2 x Dual Rate (servo travel reduction)
FM/PCM switchable
Model name
Stick Mode 1- 4 (Throttle left – right)

1 Transmitter FC-16
1 Receiver R-118 F
1 Servo S 148
1 Standard switch harness
1 Servo accessories bag
1 Pair of crystals

Price:   £179.99 Including VAT at 17.5%


Robbe FX18 6/7/3 40 Mhz Expandable Computer Radio set #F4301
FX-18 – Expandable Computer R/C system…
Without any compromises, the modern and attractive case design combines in a unique way the requirements of a tray-mounted transmitter and a hand-held transmitter. The main distinctive feature of this attractive dual-purpose unit is the linear slider functions, which are mounted on the front and back of the case.

The FX-18 is the first hand-held transmitter which gives the user the advantages of linear slider channels which can be used to operate auxiliary functions without having to let go of the primary sticks.

The transmitter is just as efficient when fitted in a tray: excellent ergonomics combined with modern, functional design.

The system also provides a comprehensive range of functions and expansion options which is outstanding in its class.

Whether you wish to use a multi-channel unit for auxiliary functions, or a flight mode switch for the Heli program, switch positions in the option wells can be selected without restriction.

User-friendly six-language software incorporating many new functions, easily and quickly operated using the 3D HOTKEY. New programming, orientated towards flight modes, for even simpler set-up of the comprehensive mixer functions. Precision digital trims require no re-trimming when you switch model memories.

The ideal PCM/FM computer system for the beginner and advanced modeller, catering equally well for model aircraft, helicopters, boats and cars.

This set now also includes two linear sliders and two mixer switches. These are supplied as separate items, so that the user can install them to suit his own configuration.

Dimensions: 205 x 170 x 52 mm
Weight: 650 g
Frequency band: 40.00
Channel spacing: 10 kHz
Spotfrequencies: 20.00
Current drain: 40 / 250 mA
Special Functiones available: 4 Linear Slide switches
Power Suply: 9,6 V Akku
Transmision system: PPM/PCM
Functions: 8 / 4 Servos

Kit contents:
1x FX-18 transmitter with 8 NiMH 1400 mAh transmitter battery
1x R-137F 7 ch receiver
3x S 3001 servos, with accessory pack
1x Switch harness with charge socket
1 Linear slider, F 1587 (front)
1x Linear slider, F 1586 (rear, long)
1x Mixer switch, 2-position, short, F 1502
1xxMixer switch, 2-position, long, F 1521
1 Pair of crystals

Price:   £229.99 Including VAT at 17.5%

Robbe FX18 40 Mhz Expandable Computer