House Renting Tips For London

Current property prices are rising in the UK Capital of London and it can be extremely expensive to purchase a property.

To buy a home in the UK, you will need a large deposit to even be considered for a mortgage. Then a number of checks will be performed to make sure that you are suitable. Depending on the bank that you choose to apply with, the deposit will be in the range of 20 to 30 oercent of the total value of the premises.

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With renting, it still can be a little difficult as you still need to pass a number of checks before being able to sign a fixed contract and being able to move into the property.

Estate agents are very strict on who they let their properties to as they are doing it on behalf of their clients who they need to loo after.

Credit checks will be performed as will financial checks with your current employers to prove that you work where you state that you are employed and earn the salary that you have stated on the application form.

London landlord Andrew Charalambous has a different way of letting his properties out to his tenants.

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He does not do any of the things that are mentioned above so there are no checks, deposits of administration fees to worry about. This make life a lot easier for his tenants to have an affordable property without the stress and time consuming form filling. Also your privacy will be secure from your employers so they will not be contacted for checks.

For ore information you can visit the Andrew Charalambous interview or alternatively the Andrew Charalambous website